Spring’s almost here and we’re all thinking about the upcoming gardening season. I’ve always wanted to grow worm-free carrots and radishes. I’ve tried “Flyway” carrots which didn’t work because, as usual, the damage was from wireworms, not Carrot Rust Fly. Nematodes seem like the best way to go but, they are too expensive for someone with a 210 sq. ft. garden. This year a friend and I have ordered nematodes (Terranem) from West Coast Seeds. We have split the order into shares of 1/9th each.

How it works: the nematodes will come in as an order all of their own and, with base cost, shipping, and taxes, the order will reach a grand total of $40.10 which is easy divided into nine parts at $5.00 each. Each share will cover 275 sq. ft. of soil If you are interested, please send me an email. I (Richard–I usually am wearing a burgundy Old Navy baseball cap) will collect the $5.00 this coming work party. The order has to be divided all on the same day which would during be the April work party.

Nematodes are natural soil dwellers and don’t hurt people, pets or earthworms. The West Coast Seeds site gives a description of their product, Terranem, at the bottom of their webpage: http://www.westcoastseeds.com/product/Gardening-Supplies/Insect-and-Pest-Controls/ They get rid of a whole host of nasties but, in particular, wireworms (and others such as cutworms and cabbage root maggots). A site with a little more information is: http://www.fertilizeronline.com/nematodes.php There is one share left. This is my first time trying this and so, here’s to a summer of (hopefully) worm-free radishes and carrots. If interested, please send me an email at wimoyster@yahoo.ca The first email received from someone going to the work party with their $5.00 this weekend will be our ninth person.

To find me: I’m usually wearing a burgundy ‘Old Navy’ baseball cap. If you’re not going this weekend, but are interested anyway, send me an email and I will alert you in the future to other future ‘splits’, and, if there are another nine, I’ll order a second batch.


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