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Nitobe Memorial Garden
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Greenheart Canopy Walkway
Daily 10 am to 4 pm
(last tour at 3 pm)
The best way to enjoy everything the gardens at UBC have to offer is through a membership, which includes admission to both UBC Botanical Garden and Nitobe Memorial Garden.
Membership is an investment in your community and a valuable way of supporting the future of the gardens.
We’ve just revamped our membership program and have great new benefits to offer. Visit our website for more details.
About the Garden
Established in 1916, UBC Botanical Garden curates a collection of ca. 12,000 plants, representing approximately 8,000 taxa from temperate regions around the world.
UBC Farm
Our friends at the UBC Farm are in full swing with three farm markets each week. It doesn’t get any more local than this!
UBC Farm Weekly Markets:

  • Tuesdays 4:30-6:30pm at the UBC Farm
  • Wednesdays 11:30am-1:30pm at the UBC Bookstore
  • Saturdays 9am-1pm at the UBC Farm (multi-vendor market)
The August 23rd market will have a special ollinator Power theme where you can learn about the important job of pollinators for our food system. 
Visit their website for more details about their markets and more.
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Rain City Chronicles - This Saturday
Join Rain City Chronicles for an open-air evening of stories and song about The Great Outdoors in our Roseline Sturdy Amphitheatre this Saturday, August 9th. This unique storytelling event will tell the story of the Botanical Garden, along with true stories, music, seasonal treat and even a few surprises.

Aeriosa at UBC Botancial Garden presented by Greenheart Canopy Walkway
In June, the Greenheart Canopy Walkway hosted a special performance called Aeriosa with two sold out performances and lots of positive comments from guests. We have now opened up registration for a second run of August performances after our June success.
Come experience a unique performance by the captivating vertical dance group, Aeriosa, while exploring Vancouver’s most exciting eco-adventure attraction, Greenheart Canopy Walkway. Spectators will be able to see a captivating fusion of rock-climbing skill and contemporary dance movement perched on viewing platforms high in the treetops.
Here are some photos by The Province photographer Steve Bosch

For your garden: The Garden Centre at the Shop in the Garden has fine plants to fill those summer gaps, statuary for year round interest and SeaSoil to top up your pots and beds.

For your menu: FORAGING, The Shop in the Garden is known as Vancouver’s best for plant books and garden writing. The Shop has books covering all aspects of foraging for wild edibles. Pacific Northwest Foraging is a reference work for the identification of some 120 fruits and plants in our area with flavor descriptions, and sustainable harvesting tips.  Foraged Flavor provides creative ways to prepare what you have gathered.  The 88 recipes written for chef Daniel Boulud veer to sophisticated fare adapted from Boulud’s Manhattan restaurant.  The Boreal Feast is a tribute to foods of Norway, Finland and Sweden. Discover how other Northern peoples use ingredients also common to our boreal forest. If you prefer to gather at the market, Eating on the Wild Side gives advice on what varieties of fruits and vegetables to choose for the most nutritional value.

For your table: The Shop carries a range of fun garden-themed tableware ready for appetizers through dessert; pair with tablecloths, napkins and coasters from the “Maritime Blues” line from Saltspring Island.

For you: to shade your head, there are hats in a myriad of materials, shapes and colours; and botanical jewellery by Vancouver’s own Jessica Jansen.

For your friends: The Shop in the Garden is the place to shop for local gifts when you are travelling abroad or to bring your visiting friends for souvenirs of their stay. We have First Nations tableware and t-shirts. Enjoy an ice cream or snack from our Garden Shed Cafe.

For staying in touch: The Shop carries a broad selection of greeting cards, Paper Blank journals designed in Vancouver, and boxed card sets from our Artist in Residence, very local.

To keep up to date as new products come in to the shop between the Garden’s monthly email newsletters you can sign up to receive periodic email from the shop by clicking here. You can also follow us on social media: twitter, facebook and instagram Our username on all three of these social networks is “ubcgarden” – follow us for the latest!.

Visit our website for more information and contact details for our shop. 
August in the Garden
If visitors are looking for flowers in the Botanical Garden, August is an ideal time to drop by. Starting in the Entrance Plaza, there are plenty of colourful plants, not least, the mounding stalks of Carolina border phlox (Phlox carolina ‘Bill Baker’) topped with its magenta pink blooms. Nearby, the glossy, red-edged leaves of the hardy creeping leadwort (Ceratostigma plumbaginoides) provide the perfect foil for its crimson-budded, sky blue flowers. These are produced with increasing frequency toward the end of August. Like most New World sages, the blue anise sage (Salvia guaranitica ‘Black and Blue’) attracts hummingbirds to its spectacular two-lipped, nectar-filled blooms. This cultivar, which is native to the highlands of South America, has exceptionally dark, purple-black calyces from which the sizeable sapphire blue flowers emerge. In the same area of the Entrance Plaza is Yakushima crepe myrtle (Lagerstroemia fauriei), which is known for both its glossy, unblemished leaves and spectacular exfoliating bark. Under ideal conditions (such as what we’ve been experiencing this summer), pyramidal masses of white crepe-paper-like flowers appear at the branch tips in August. Another white-flowered plant is the fuzzy-leaved Hydrangea aspera ‘Peter Chappell’. The surprisingly attractive lace-cap blooms of this cultivar are visible meandering through the foliage just off the boardwalk. 
Click through to read more about August Garden highlights on our blog.

Volunteers Needed!

UBC Botanical Garden is seeking volunteers to lead tours throughout the summer and fall. Guides play a vital role in our mission by bringing the collection to life through engaging educational interactions with garden visitors. For this role, we are seeking people who are passionate about ecology and botany, eager to share their knowledge with others and interested in learning more about the plant world and biodiversity. 

Thank you or supporting UBC Botanical Garden!

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