Dear Strathcona Community Garden,

My name is Lindsay and I am currently studying at UBC.

A few classmates and I have been asked to look into the city processess involved in creating a community garden in Vancouver for our Urban Sociology class (Sociology 425A).

If possible, we would love to interview you (in person) about the processes involved in starting and maintaining Strathcona Community Garden. We would also like to ask you a few general questions about community gardens and how Strathcona Garden became such a wonderful, ecological oasis in an industrial area of the city.


For this project, we will also be interviewing people involved in setting up community gardens, people wishing to establish a garden in their own neighbourhood, and people who have had no experience with community gardens. Our report will focus on how the City of Vancouver can make establishing community gardens more accessible to residents of Vancouver.

Please let me know if you would be willing to be interviewed.

Have a great afternoon

Yours Truly,

Lindsay King