From the Strathcona Garden Member Handbook


The Garden Committee, open to all members in good standing, holds monthly meetings to plan the mandatory work parties and discuss issues including the revision of policies and procedures, the resolution of grievances and any other topics of interest to the gardeners.  Gardeners are encouraged to attend these meetings to voice their opinions and to participate in the decision making process. Meeting minutes are recorded and e-mailed monthly to all the gardeners.


Aspiring gardeners are advised to attend a work party (last Sunday of every month except December) where they can add their name to the waiting list for a garden plot.  Plots are assigned on a first come, first served basis.


Garden plots are approximately 5 X 15 and are assigned to an individual gardener/couple/ family of the same address.  Members who have been gardeners in good standing may request additional plots if available; a maximum of 4 plots can be allocated to an individual gardener/couple/family. Plots may not be traded, sub-let or registered to someone in name only while a friend or relative uses the space.  All plots assignment are made solely by the Garden Coordinator.


The annual membership fee of  $10.00 is due when plots are assigned or renewed at the work party on the last Sunday in January.


The plot rental fee is $ 5.00 per year.  Renewal of plots and membership fees are due at the January work party.  Gardeners unable to attend this work party who want to keep their plot (s) need to notify the Treasurer to make arrangements for payment.  All current and new gardeners must sign a membership application form that includes agreeing to the rules of the Garden.


Gardeners may terminate their membership at any time by informing the Garden Coordinator or sending an e-mail to the Garden website indicating they are relinquishing their plot(s).

Gardeners may have their memberships terminated for:


The Garden Coordinator will assign a team of gardeners to conduct inspections of individual plots during the growing season to ensure that they are planted and tended. If a plot appears to have been abandoned, the gardener will be asked whether he/she wishes to keep it.  If yes, the gardener will need to provide a time frame indicating when the plot will be tended.


Plots are to be cultivated by May 1st of each year

Plots are to be cultivated regularly during the growing season.

Only organic methods (no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides) are to be used.

Compost material are to be stored in enclosed plastic bins only; gardeners may not build their own compost bins.  Cold frames in plots are allowed.

All plots are to be cleared of excessive debris by December 1st, except for those growing winter crops or perennials.

No fences or structures may be erected on an individual garden plot as per the agreement between the Park Board and the Gardens Society.

Hazardous materials may not be stored in plots.

Gardeners may not grow plants or trees that will shade their neighbors plots

Gardeners are responsible to weed the paths bordering their individual plots.


The Strathcona Community Garden includes a large common area that requires ongoing maintenance to keep the entire area beautiful.  There are 11 work parties per year, from January to November.  Gardeners are required to participate in at least 8 work parties (or the equivalent) to remain in good standing.  Gardeners are asked to sign in at each work party to keep records of participation.

The Garden Coordinator supervises the work parties and assigns tasks needing attention at a particular time.   Gardeners are also invited to either sign up or take on a leadership role for a specific area of interest such as, the Orchard, Herb Garden, Compost area, Raised Beds, etc.

Members unable to attend a work party are to select a substitute task, as noted on the garden website, and to notify the Garden Coordinator, via the website, once the task has been completed; this will be count as a work party sign-in.

Members who do not attend a minimum of 8 work parties / substitute tasks per year may forfeit their right to have their plot renewed the following year.


The Strathcona Community Garden wants a safe and secure environment for gardeners and visitors alike. All members are asked to be vigilant to prevent theft and vandalism.

Please be vigilant about visitors roaming the Garden; acquaint yourself with your fellow gardeners and notify the police if you see any suspicious activity.

The washroom facilities are for the gardeners use; a public washroom is available in the field house in Strathcona Park, across from Hawks street.

Each year, new keypad codes for the sheds will be provided to gardeners upon renewal of plots.  Please do not provide these, as well as the washroom code, to non-gardeners ; lock the tool sheds immediately after each use.

Children are most welcome to the gardens; however, please do supervise them closely as there is much drug paraphernalia such as needles that are left behind.

A workshop on the safe handling of needles is regularly provided to the gardeners; written procedures as well as a bucket to safely store needles are located in the tool shed.


Water is provided for all plots; gardeners are asked to be in attendance when watering their plot and to follow water-wise practices to minimize waste.

To lessen the threat of West Nile virus and mosquito breeding areas, do not leave water in any open containers.

In case of water damage to the water system, or apparent leakage, turn off the water supply at the Main Water Pipe Shut Off if possible and immediately notify one of the gardeners whose phone numbers are located inside the tool shed by Hawks street. The location of the Garden Main Water Pipe shut off valve is posted inside the same shed.


Recycling of material is supported; however, use of items such as discarded shipping pallets, rubber tires, etc, that are not appropriate for a garden environment are not allowed.



A Garden Member Agreement must be signed upon the allocation of a plot each year.



  1. As a gardener of the Strathcona Community Garden I agree to the following:
  2. To garden organically without the use of synthetic fertilizers or pesticides.
  3. To grow food, flowers or herbs for my own personal use and not for sale.
  4. To annually participate in at least 8 work parties held the last Sunday of the month from 9:30 to 1:00.
  5. To cultivate my plot and to keep the paths around it trimmed and weeded; to keep my crops confined to my own area; to avoid planting crops/ trees that will shade   adjacent plots.
  6. To treat communal garden tools with care which includes washing off soil after each use and winding up hoses before storing in the shed; to lock tool sheds after each use and to not keep communal tools in my own garden plot.
  7. To seek permission and approval from the Garden Committee before changing or modifying any aspect of the gardens common areas.


Personal information is kept confidential and is only available to the Board of Directors; phone numbers will be provided to the volunteer gardeners who phone members for a reminder of work parties. All other information may only be released upon the consent of the member.


Name  (PLEASE PRINT)                          Signature                                               Date



Street address                                             City                                                          Postal code



E-mail address                                            Home  phone                                     Cell phone


I allow my e-mail address to be shared with other garden  members Yes_____  No_____




Membership fee and plot fees paid:   $


Plot # (s)   _________________________________


Date plot (s)allocated________________________


Signature of Board Secretary or Treasurer:

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