Gardenwise Magazine would like to feature a total of 6 gardeners from  Vancouver community gardens (so one runs for each issue of GardenWise throughout 2011) to be photographed by Jackie Connelly (

For each selected gardener, I need to shoot for:
– lead shot; 3/4 of page with gardener in the garden, working or harvesting,
not necessarily looking at the camera (the character of the personality will dictate – what we don’t want is a ‘stiff’ posed look) should have a comfortable casual feel – dirty fingers are great!!
– 4 to 5 detail shots (hands tending to crop, mending fence, plants of interest etc)
– name and contact info of the gardener and garden as well as a signed release form (provided by Jackie) will need to be forwarded by Jackie to Carol@ GardenWise Magazine so Carol may interview

-Looking for a wide variety of the population that’s into community gardening – we’d like to here their story as to why they are drawn to it. So it would be ideal if we could have a broad scope of people (visible minority, men, women and an age spread variety)

-All must be photographed by this season end – Jackie is looking at the weekend of July 31st.

-Any community gardener interested in being photographed & interviewed for the magazine should please email Jackie at or call 1-866-964-8066. Thank you!

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