Garden Workshop


Food Crops: Selection & Care
with Grant Watson

June 12th, 1pm to 4pm @ School of Chalk
593 E. Georgia St. (corner of Princess)
Workshop fee: $35 per person
Please register by June 10th!
To register contact:


So you’ve got a garden all ready for planting. What are you going to put in, and when should you start? This course will cover all the major groups of vegetable and fruit crops that grow well in our climate. We will also discuss the specific needs of plants in each category.


  • quick overview of garden planning
  • soil health
  • The major plant groups
  • greens/herbs
  • legumes
  • root crops
  • alliums
  • cabbage family
  • hot crops
  • grains/corn
  • berries
  • tree fruits & nuts
  • planting times
  • starting in trays vs direct seeding
  • specific needs of each plant group
  • annual plant rotation and companioning

Practical Activity

We’ll do some hands on activities related to garden planting, including transplanting, direct seeding and organic fertilizing at planting time.

Instructor: Grant Watson is an organic farmer and has been teaching gardening to adults and children since 2003. He also operates an edible landscaping business.

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