You are invited to the book launch and signing party for The Earth Manifesto: Saving Nature with Engaged Ecology.

It’s happening this Friday, Nov. 15, 7:30pm at the People’s Co-op Bookstore at 1391 Commercial Drive. Free snacks and drinks will be provided. Fresh books available for $16. Imagine…you could finish your Christmas shopping in November!

The Earth Manifesto is meant to be an antidote to the dread many of us feel when taking a hard look at where the world seems to be heading. Because despair gets you nowhere, I put what I believe, and also hope, into the Six Laws of Engaged Ecology. They detail a way to reconnect with the living Earth and discover the inspiration for collective action we need to save the nature that sustains us all.
If you can’t make it Friday you can still find The Earth Manifesto at your favourite independent bookstore (they’ll order if it’s not in stock) or from your usual online behemoth. Hope to see you or hear from you soon!

David Tracey