Dr Death Talks Garlic #1: Hardneck vs Softneck garlic + elephant garlic

Hardneck vs. Softneck garlic What is the physical difference between these two types?All garlic is a member of the onion (Alliaceae) family, and forms storage leaves underground that together comprise the garlic bulb: a series of fattened cloves with a papery sheath. There are two major groups of garlic: hardneck and softneck.“Hard”neck refers to the […]

Important Garden Update During the COVID-19 Crisis

Hello gardeners! Hope you all are enjoying the first days of spring and are getting ready for the season ahead. There are a few important announcements to make during these strange times: All work parties are cancelled until further notice. Currently there are no more plots available, but if you would like to become a […]

Harvest Festival this Saturday! September 21 from 11 – 3

The Strathcona Community Gardeners Society is a non-profit charitable society with a Board of Directors made up of gardeners from both Strathcona and Cottonwood Community Gardens. Membership dues are $10 per year and plots are rented for $5 per plot per year. There are monthly meetings and regular work parties for working on common areas […]

July in the UBC Botanical Garden | Where do we get our plants?

Rhododendron auriculatum July in the Garden Anticipating another hot, dry summer, it’s probably a good idea to plan a trip to the Botanical Garden to escape the heat, but also to see what last year’s hot summer can mean for flowers this summer. Even the later-blooming rhododendrons—famously happy in cool, damp weather—are blooming beyond any […]

B.C. Garden Clubs to Irish Garden Tour

Hello Please share with your Garden club this special event – The Ireland Garden’s Tour. Would you please share with your group or add to your upcoming events… or maybe you would like to do an interview with Irish Gardener Jane Donald for your next newsletter. We could also organize a discount for group organiser […]

Start a Community Garden in your neighbourhood!

Do you want to start a food garden or orchard with your community or do you know someone who does? Community gardens are important gathering places; they contribute to neighbourhood vitality; and they promote inter-cultural and inter-generational learning. Tell us your ideas! We review them each fall. Click here for more information. Deadline October 11, […]