Hi folks,

quick update on the two maintenance projects going on in the garden.

1. the north berm and berry fence : i talked to terry walton from the park board. he wants to come check on the berry fence soon to see how it’s going and what else it might need to succeed as they’re hoping it will serve as a food-friendly prototype for other parts of the city where a fence is needed but they’d like to do something better than the  usual chain-link. We talked briefly about compost/mulch, and also the prospect of getting some weeper hoses – he sounded as if it was more likely that he could get the water truck to go by and spray the berm down in summer, but nothing was decided. he said he would contact joanne when he has time to meet on site. i noticed some of the berry shrubs have been planted, but couldn’t tell if all were. blackberry and other nearby monster plants are threatening to take over already, so i suggest this would be a good priority task for the work party, to clear well around the fence area so the berries have the space to grow.

2. the drainage system blow-out. our park board sewers and drainage expert said he won’t be able to make it before the work party sunday as he had hoped. it’s now scheduled for monday. however, he says his crew can take care of everything, including refilling the holes, so we shouldn’t have any worries.

David Tracey

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